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UT Microfarm

The UT Microfarm is a north Austin community space that is volunteer run and donates the its produce to the UT Outpost, making it an active contributor in the fight against food insecurity in Austin. Check out its mission: 

To serve as a vibrant resource for the UT community by facilitating experiences of sustainable food systems, interdisciplinary collaboration, economic and social justice, and environmental cooperation. We seek to provide an open space for establishing a community that grows together, explores environmental inquiries, and connects to the natural world through food.

Partnering Organiztions

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UT Outpost is the free on-campus food pantry and career closet for all currently enrolled students at UT Austin. Food insecurity makes it hard for students to stay in class and succeed. A 2020 survey found that 42 percent of UT Austin students experienced food insecurity. The UT Outpost food pantry provides nutritious food for students so that they can focus on their education. UT Outpost also helps students identify and combat food insecurity on campus.


UT Farm Stand

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UT Farm Stand seeks to grow and source healthy, local foods and educate others about the journey from farm to table to waste. The program is designed to demonstrate the ideal food system: with local, sustainable food production in our gardens; equitable and affordable food distribution through our markets, and sustainable waste management through our zero waste programming. These three components of the ideal food system are in turn the three teams that make up UT Farm Stand. The garden team maintains our 2 on-campus gardens and helps students learn about sustainable agricultural methods. The market team leads the organization of our biweekly farmers’ markets on campus. The Zero Waste Team creates programs and initiatives that address food waste and educate the UT community around proper waste management.

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Vesper has generously provided venue sponsorship for A Recipe for Action. 


Vesper is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community space. From group meetings to galleries, neighborhood gatherings to weddings, fundraisers to concerts, meditation sits to yoga classes - we want to offer space for shared community initiatives that bring Austinites together by hosting programs that serve the community at large.

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