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Above: A photograph from the project's development process. Photo Credit: Logan Smith

A Recipe for Action is an immersive, audience participatory installation that engages in a conversation around the issue of food security in Austin through sharing of information, art, resources, and creating a sense of community.


Here's how you can join us:


Thursday June 9th and Friday June 10th, 

Two performances each night at 6:30PM and 8:30PM 



3106 E 14th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78702

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Cost of Admission:

There is no cost to attend this event - instead, we ask that you Donate-What-You-Can. We have partnered with the UT Microfarm and UT Outpost, two terrific organizations whose work directly combats food insecurity in our Austin community, who will benefit from audience donations. More information on donation opportunities is provided below. 

About Donate-What-You-Can: 


There are four ways you can donate to this event: 

  1. Donate your presence at the event to learn about this issue and our partner organizations and consider the ways you can take action against food insecurity in our community. 

  2. Bring food goods to donate to the Outpost (a specific list of needed goods and parameters will be provided) 

  3. Donate time at one of our coordinated volunteer days, or sign up to volunteer another time! 

  4. Make a financial donation to Outpost or Microfarm

Donation links will be shared with your confirmation once you've RSVP'd to the event. RSVPs can be made here. 

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